To celebrate Chiropractic's birthday, the Florida Chiropractic Society in September launches its 7th FCS Annex 2016 webinar series. It's our largest webinar series since launching 3 yrs ago. We have 40 guests scheduled and it's 3 months long! Just a few guests scheduled: Drs. Brad Glowaki, Steve Judson, Alex Vidan, Carolyn Griffin, Dan Abeckjerr, John Davila, Mike Viscarelli, Deed Harrison, Mike Southwick, Paula Hedglon, Liam Schubel, Jeri Anderson, Chris Hood, Jon Chung, Sal Martingano, Jeremy Hess, Brian Lieberman, Tony Nalda, Jordan Cooper, Eddie Martinez, Edwin Cordero, Dean DePice, David Yachter, Lucas Matlock, Marty Kotlar and more - BAM!

We bang out this new webinar series beginning Thursday, September 15, 2016. To celebrate Chiropractic's birthday, our 1st webinar special guests are Drs. D.D. Humber, Burton Pierce, Jr. and Walter Aiken. Stay tuned for your link!

FCS Annex events are non-C.E. and free!

Here's a few recent 2015 FCS Annex practice building webinars for you to sample. There's only a small form to fill in for each. We've done 90 plus FCS Annex webinars in the past 2 years - all FREE. All of these recordings are now avilable to FCS members free of charge on our members-only FCS Annex website. See menu item on left side of the website page maked "FCS Annex". 

John Davila, DC "ICD-10"

Marty Kotlar DC "ICD-10"

Some more recent FCS Annex practice building webinars for you:

Christopher Kent, DC, JD

Deed Harrison, DC

Alex Vidan, DC 

Dean DePice, DC

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