October 1, 2017 Newsletter

FCS Bonita Update: New Date - November 18-19, 2017

Due to Hurricane Irma, this conference was originally scheduled and rescheduled for our attendees and their families safety. The new date is now November 18-19, 2017 at the same location, the Hyatt Coconut Point in Bonita Springs. If you are already pre-registered, you do not have to register again. Everything remains the same for this conference from the hotel, the schedule and the speakers. 

Florida C.E. hours only. There are no acupuncture C.E. hours at this event. 20 C.E. hours will be presented over 2 days, including all 13 Florida required C.E. hours. HIV course will be presented for 1st year DC's only. If you need a hotel room, the Hyatt rooms will be available beginning October 2, 2017.

Next up: St. Pete, November 4-5, 2017

2017-2018 FCS C.E. Convention Dates Released (End of Florida Chiropractic License Biennium Ends March 31, 2018)

Save The Dates:
Miami - January 6-7, 2018, University of Miami

Ft. Walton Beach - February 3-4, 2018, Holiday Inn Oceanfront Resort

Ft. Lauderdale - March 3-4, 2018, Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six Resort

Each convention is 20 C.E. hrs in 2 days. Each location will present all 13 Florida required C.E. hours and 7 General C.E. hours - Total 20 C.E. hours for the 2 days. If you've already completed your 13 Florida required hours and you sit through the same Florida required courses again, they simply count as General C.E. hours. If you need less than 10 C.E. hours, there is a special registration fee. Florida C.E. hours only unless noted. No acupuncture hours.

1st Year Florida DCs: The 3 C.E. hours of HIV/ AIDS required only for 1st year DCs is being presented from Orlando forward and only for 1st year Florida DCs.

Two ways to "early" pre-register for any of the above:

1. Phone 561.383.7722 or

2. Online, go to www.FloridaChiropractic.org

The FCS Presents "Saturday Night Live":  
Up next, November 11, 2017 - Dr. Peter Amlinger

All Florida Chiropractic Society "Saturday Night Live" events are non-C.E. and free to all DC's, their family and staff, including all chiropractic college students. 100% Inspiration...100% Practice Building! All "SNL" events begin at 7:30pm.
Save this end of year December date, too: Dec. 9 - Dean Sottile


September 1, 2017 Newsletter

AMPED Orlando Family Conference...
Join Us at the AMPED Orlando Family Conference. It's FREE & jam packed with proven practice building systems, presentations on family & business excellence & finances, best practice shares, maintaining solid relationships, networking and masterminding with the best in chiropractic! This is our Family Conference - so your spouse and kids are welcome!

Click below to register for this incredible and practice changing event: http://ampednow.com/event/

You will learn:
- How you can grow your practice by reaching out to your community.
- What to do to keep expanding, growing and earning trust.
- Proven system that you can follow to build, grow and maintain your practice.
- The secret ingredients to guarantee your practice is always moving forward!
-Creating lasting relationships, not just in your community, but more importantly at home!
- Meet mentors and Join the Amped Mastermind.
Date: October 6th-8th
Location: B Resort & Spa - Orlando/Lake Buena Vista
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Conference Schedule:
(Amped Members & Free for Guest DC’s, Spouses, Students)
Friday 8 pm-10pm – Amped Doctor Social
Saturday 9am-6pm - AMPED Family Conference
Sunday 8am - 10am - Sunday "Live Virtual Classroom"

Click below to register for this incredible and practice changing event: http://ampednow.com/event/

July 2017 Newsletter
ICA - Subluxation Conference
To register, click here: https://icachiro.wildapricot.org/Summit17/

A Quick Glance Regarding Florida CE:

Current Florida Chiropractic License Biennium: April 1, 2016 and ends March 31, 2018

Current Florida license renewal is every 2 years. 

The Florida Board of Chiropractic requires 40 in-person hours of C.E. and no online C.E. hours

Documentation & Coding – 6 hours/biennium

Medical Errors – 2 hours per biennium

Ethics – 2 hours per biennium

Florida Laws & Rules – 2 hours per biennium

Risk Management – 1 hour per biennium

IMPORTANT for Florida Chiropractors certified in Acupuncture:
You are required the following specific courses: 
Acupuncture Risk Management – 2 hrs. per biennium

Acupuncture Technique – 2 hrs. per biennium

First Year Florida DCs:
HIV/AIDS – For first year Florida DCs only and needed to be completed only one time. 3 hours (prior to first biennium renewal)

First Year Florida DCs are NOT required to obtain Florida Laws & Rules or Risk Management.


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