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December 14, 2019

With a new legislative session upon us there were a few Bills filed recently which can affect the chiropractic profession now and in the future.  The Integrity and Identity of the chiropractic profession lies in the balance. If you want your voice heard in Tallahassee, the time to act is now!

On November 18, 2019 HB 677 was introduced by Rep. David Smith (R-Winter Springs), authorizes specifically trained chiropractic physicians to provide injectable nutrition to their patients! Pharmacists licensed under chapter 465 may fill the orders of chiropractic physicians.

On December 5, 2019 SB 1138 the companion to HB 677 was filed by Senator Jeff Brandes (R-St. Pete).

Both Bills include authorizing a specified number of certain chiropractic continuing education hours to be completed online. 

Other organizations claim that Over 90% of Florida DCs support HB 677. This is a false claim and our legislators need to know this. Will you sell out the chiropractic principle for a few extra online credits?

If you are a chiropractor who wants to preserve, protect and promote the philosophy, science and art of Chiropractic, as a distinct drug-less health profession dedicated to the detection and correction of vertebral subluxation, then take action now, speak out and let your voice be heard to oppose both HB 677 and SB 1138 today.

All that is necessary for the demise of your chiropractic profession, is for enough good chiropractors to do nothing. We need your help now, more so than ever. We need the strength and support of the newer generation who know that chiropractic must be perpetuated. Let us say to all DCs in Florida, chiropractic is worth fighting for. Tomorrow, unless the betrayal of Chiropractic is stopped, Chiropractic as a distinct health service gradually will disappear because the chiropractic profession will have evolved into a mess of conflicting principles and procedures.

As an organization The FCS is not in favor of expanding the current scope of Chiropractic practice in Florida.

Chiropractically yours,

Eddie Martinez, DC

President – Florida Chiropractic Society

On behalf of the FCS board of directors

Contact our legislators now let your voice be heard!

Representative David Smith: (407) 971-3570 – district office

Senator Jeff Brandes: (727) 563-2100 – district office

Health Quality Subcommittee:

Burton, Colleen [R] h


Vice Chair            

Plasencia, Rene "Coach P" [R]

Democratic Ranking Member
Stark, Richard [D]

Bell, Melony M. [R]

Beltran, Mike [R]                                                                                    

Brown, Kamia L. [D]   

Daniels, Kimberly [D]       

Davis, Tracie [D]

Maggard, Randall Scott "Randy" [R]                                                                               

Mariano, Amber [R]                                                                                                                

Rodriguez, Ana Maria [R]                                                                                                    

Shoaf, Jason [R]                                                                                                                  

Smith, Carlos Guillermo [D]                                                                                                   

Sullivan, Jennifer Mae [R]                                                                                                

Yarborough, Clay [R]           



August 25, 2019

If you haven’t heard, the American Chiropractic Association has introduced a bill to the 116th Congress of the United States. It is called the 'Chiropractic Medicare Coverage Modernization Act of 2019’. HR 3654

This bill, if passed, will do the following:

  1.      The bill allows for expansion of services beyond chiropractic care.
  • a.    This bill is more than expanding the chiropractic profession, it would be the gateway into the Pharmaceutical Industry. 
  • b.   Expanding the scope of chiropractic practice also means increased liability, which will dramatically increase malpractice insurance premiums.
  2.      A Chiropractor will be expanded to “physician” status.

Expanding the scope to full physician status is clearly meant to expand the definition of Chiropractic and expand the scope, which would include drugs and allow for duplication of services, thus positioning Chiropractors as primary care providers instead of Portal of Entry providers. The status of a Chiropractor as primary care physician will be confusing to the public.

Doctors of Chiropractic have always been Portal of Entry providers. This distinction is important. Since the beginning of Chiropractic history, Chiropractors have always desired to maintain the ability of their patients to receive Chiropractic care without the need for referral from a medical physician. Positioning chiropractors as primary care providers instead of portal of entry, will change the very nature of the profession.

  3. There is no opt-out clause of Medicare included.

Parity with all other professions to have the ability to opt out of Medicare must be included in the Bill.

  4. The Bill removes the requirement for the management of vertebal subluxation.

 The Subluxation and Chiropractic Adjustment must be upheld as the unique and non-duplicating service performed by chiropractors.  It is the one thing that makes us separate and distinct.

We need legislation that allows Chiropractors to practice as Chiropractors and be reimbursed for providing the Chiropractic benefit.

The FCS would be in support and endorse legislative language for Medicare that would allow Chiropractors to be paid for examinations, x-rays/imaging studies, instrumentation and other diagnostic services and the Adjustment for the assessment and care of the Vertebral Subluxation. While also including the ability for chiropractors to opt out of Medicare.

The Mission and Commitment of the Florida Chiropractic Society (FCS) is to Preserve, Protect and Promote the Philosophy, Science and Art of Chiropractic, as a distinct drug-less health profession dedicated to the detection and correction of Vertebral Subluxation.

While upholding our Mission, The Florida Chiropractic Society respectfully opposes the ‘Chiropractic Medicare Coverage Modernization Act of 2019’, HR 3654’.


Eddie Martinez, DC

President, Florida Chiropractic Society

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