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ChiroFutures is a Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) founded by chiropractors in partnership with Great Divide/Nautilus Insurance Company as the underwriting company and Sonoran National Insurance Group as the program administrator. Our combined expertise, security, and shared resources enable us to better serve chiropractors and the profession through providing a comprehensive, quality professional liability insurance policy and an organized and systematic approach to risk management and best practice. We offer what no other malpractice provider offers: a partnership with you. The future of this profession rests in the hands of the practicing chiropractor and we want our doctors to be able to focus on building a busy practice full of happy patients. We work to remove the fear, worry, and obstacles that get in the way of practices.

John Davila, DC

(800) 974-3479

"Bridging the Gap Between Compliance and Profitability"

The Goal of Custom ChiroSolutions is Simple. We want to make your practice audit proof
regardless of philosophy, technique or patient volume. Watch the video by company President and CEO, Dr. John Davila on their website to see how Customer ChiroSolutions can help your practice.

Marty Kotlar, DC

(800) 270-7044

Target Coding has been helping chiropractic and MD-DC-PT offices get paid fairly and properly for more than 10 years. Our billing compliance, documentation and CPT coding products and services are designed to be educational, enlightening and financially rewarding. We'll help you incorporate the most ethical and highest quality billing and coding policies and procedures.


We educate leaders in the chiropractic profession from three campuses—the Davenport, Iowa, Campus; the San Jose, Calif., Campus; and the Port Orange, Fla., Campus. No matter which campus you choose, you will experience the same high standards in education.

Learn more about Palmer College:

The Law firm of Shuster & Saben

(877) 511-7829

"Shuster & Saben is the leading firm in Florida in the field of PIP claims for medical professionals. The law in Florida regarding PIP is like a misstep can cost you thousands in PIP benefits. So, you need to know what you're doing. We do. With offices statewide, Shuster & Saben is close to medical professionals in every community in Florida with proven results in getting doctors paid on PIP claims. Our unique relationship with doctors statewide also makes us a leader in the area of personal injury. Whether it's representing accident victims, or medical professionals, our experience is your advantage.

Listen to this ChiroTVNetwork testimonial from FCS VIP Member Dr. Eric Janowtiz

Steve Madnick, Health Visions, Inc.


Ciklin Lubitz & O’Connell is an established full-service law firm for businesses and business owners. The firm provides business and personal legal services to local, state and national clients, including a number of Fortune 500 companies.

If you need help with contracts, buy-sell agreements, partnership, independent contractor, employee, or any personal legal issues (such as wills, trusts, real estate, lease review, etc.) Your FCS membership includes free consultations and significantly discounted or flat fee services from Ciklin Lubitz & O'Connell.

Please contact Jason Haselkorn, Esq:
(561) 820-0322

Please contact Matthew Thibaut, Esq:
(561) 820-0316

Be sure to speak to one of them and let them know that you are FCS members.

Click on a link to learn more about the Attorneys or to contact one of them directly for immediate assistance.

Dynamic Essentials "D.E."


Dynamic Essentials or DE is a powerful catalyst to personal change and growth. Dynamic Essentials recognizes that Chiropractors go through a long, strenuous and sometimes deficient educational process. This educational process often disregards Chiropractic`s founding principles and scoffs at the idea that there is more to life than what science can easily prove. With respect for Chiropractic`s founding principles and the principle that the "Power that made the body, heals the body," Dynamic Essentials focuses on our responsibility as Chiropractors to lay hands on the sick and oppressed and see them recover.

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AMPED - A Supporter of the Florida Chiropractic Society and ADIO! 
AMPED is a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of running a successful chiropractic office – including all those things that they didn’t teach you in school.

We use proven strategies and tactics in our practice and are now bringing them to you. Throughout this program, we will combine online learning, monthly mentoring calls, ongoing email access and multiple live events. You will even be invited to come into our office and witness with your own eyes what we do on a daily basis.

This program isn’t a magic ticket to instant success – it is designed in a way that enables you to copy successful actions on a repeated basis, with enthusiasm and pride.

We want you to succeed, and we will show you what it takes…but after that, it is entirely up to you.

AMPED Live Events are the most extraordinary get-together in chiropractic today! The content is amazing, the fellowship is deeply moving, and the inspiration and motivation you will bring home will make a big impact on you and your career!


ChiroWrite EHR

(800) 642-6028

ChiroWrite is a software program designed with the Chiropractor in mind. It was designed with the help of a core group of doctors from across the country. Additionally, over 100 other doctors have provided suggestions and guidance to make ChiroWrite what it is today: an advanced electronics health records system that is easy to use, customizable and efficient.

Chiropractic BioPhysics

(800) 346-5146

Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) is a chiropractic treatment technique developed by Dr. Don Harrison in the early 1980s. CBP utilizes a unique mixture of exercises, chiropractic adjustments, and spinal traction intended to affect a measurable change in a person's posture and radiographic measurements. These changes are thought to improve the biomechanics of the spine; thus reducing symptoms, improving function, and preventing degeneration

Posture Co.

(866) 577-7297 

PostureCo, Inc. is a technology company focusing on posture and movement analysis, evaluations and screenings as well as spinal x-ray biomechanical mensuration EMR products for healthcare professionals. These software products are utilized by countless thousands of clinicians around the world, generating documentation from everything from postural and movement spinal health screenings to computerized radiographic X-Ray analysis documentation.

Koch X-Ray Systems Inc
(305) 252-8770

(800) 727-7290

Blue Ridge X-Ray Co. Inc. has been an independent distributor since 1982 and has provided quality x-ray supplies, accessories, equipment and service for hospitals, physicians, chiropractors, and veterinarians.

"We have the depth of knowledge and experience necessary to recommend the appropriate solution to meet the demands of the modern Chiropractic practice, and can enhance your Patients experience."

Chiropractic Websites & Educational Services

Now You Know, The Leader in Chiropractic Websites & Educational Services, is a company "For Chiropractors, By Chiropractors". With NYK, this is not just a slogan. It is a mission! We are not a technology company, trying to adapt our services to sell to chiropractors. We are a chiropractic company that creates technology to help spread the chiropractic message and grow chiropractic practices.

Sherman College of Chiropractic - Chiropractic Education for the World

Sherman College offers an integrated chiropractic education program. Our graduates are prepared to offer chiropractic care to their communities that is effective, safe, affordable, and family oriented. Chiropractic is growing as more people want holistic health care. A doctor of chiropractic makes a difference in the lives of patients and in the wider community.Click here to learn more!
(800) 849-8771

Palmer College

The mission of Palmer College of Chiropractic is to promote learning, deliver health care, engage our communities and advance knowledge through research. With three campuses, including Port Orange, FL, Palmer College provides learning opportunities that are challenging and interactive, delivered by faculty who are recognized as the best in the profession. Here, you can earn a Doctor of Chiropractic degree; Master of Science in Clinical Research degree; Bachelor of Science in General Science; and an Associate of Applied Science in Chiropractic Technology degree.

(813) 835-7550

The DXD software uses X-ray image overlays technology and qualifies as "Evidence Based Objective Impairment Rating". This software is designed to detect and evaluate ratable impairment established by the AMA Guidelines. Translation motion is measured by determining the anterior/posterior motion greater than 3.5 mm in the cervical spine which is quantified on the flexion and/or extension radiographs. In addition, angular motion is utilized which can not be greater than 11 degrees in the cervical flexion view.

Eclipse Software

(800) 966-1462

ECLIPSE® is an all-inclusive Practice Management program including Billing, EHR/Documentation, Scheduling, Comprehensive Reporting and has been in extensive use nationwide for over 25 years, with a reputation for exceptional functionality.

GalacTek Corporation is dedicated to superior quality products, priced fairly and honestly, and backed with unparalleled support and service. The company and every member of our family strive to uphold this principle.


To empower humanity in the expression of maximum health, wellness and human potential through universal chiropractic expression and utilization. To advance chiropractic throughout the world as a distinct health care profession predicated upon its unique philosophy, science, and art.


The ICPA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance chiropractic by establishing evidence informed practice, supporting excellence in professional skills and delivering educational resources to the public. It fulfills this mission by engaging and serving family chiropractors worldwide through research, training and public education.
(888) 810-2338

Pro Strength Massage. From the Inventor of the Thumper. (4) New Deep Tissue Body Massages for Clinic, Spa, Athletics or Home. Fast Muscle Release. 60 Min. Massage in Only 10 Minutes



"At Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, our goal is to help people move toward a healthier, happier life. We do that by offering chiropractic tools that enable chiropractors to establish a baseline for every patient and map their progress in a visually accessible way. With the chiropractic INSiGHT™ scanning technology we offer, it is actually possible to see the results of your chiropractic care over time. Our chiropractic technology enables chiropractors to accurately measure and track the individual improvement of patients, and with web-based COREscore patient reporting, patients can catch a glimpse of these changes themselves."

Visual Odyssey’s patient education tools

“Visual Odyssey’s patient education tools offer today’s Chiropractor the solutions to not only improve patient education in the practice, but also outside our 4 walls and into our patient and corporate communities – a must do in my opinion.

“Bruce’s company has always been a contributor to the Chiropractic profession and should be recognized a part of your consideration with patient education options.

“Visual Odyssey’s latest solutions are a must see and do.” - Lucas Matlock, D.C. - President, The Florida Chiropractic Society

“It’s a sincere pleasure to have the Florida Chiropractic Society work with Bruce Goldsmith of Visual Odyssey and bring you patient education at its finest.

“I’ve personally known Bruce since I was a student at Cleveland Chiropractic College in the 80’s. Like today, Visual Odyssey was a 100% supporter of Chiropractic. I recall Bruce donating his Neuropatholator and several flip charts to our clinic, so as students, we were able to better educate our patients. His company continues to deliver more patient education tools for Chiropractors utilizing modern technology solutions for your practice.

“Recommending to my fellow peers Bruce Goldsmith for supporting Chiropractic is a no-brainer!” - Craig Berko, D.C. - Exceutive Director, The Florida Chiropractic Society

To Learn More About The NEW Neuropatholator Touch Software from Visual Odyssey, watch this video byclicking here!

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